Using a mortgage adviser

Here are a few most commonly asked questions from current clients of the BuildME.

What are you supposed to expect?

When you meet with a mortgage advisor from the BuildME – the Mortgage specialist, you can expect:

• Your advisor will visit you at a convenient time and place for you. 

• Calculate your exact capacity for borrowing 

• Explain all the charges 

• Help organize your loan for maximum savings and flexibility. 

• A hassle-free approval experience for home loans


What have you had to bring?

 A list of information that you may need to provide when applying for your loan is provided below. Some lenders may ask about your situation for additional information. As you proceed through the home loan application process, your BuildME mortgage advisor will let you know what’s needed.

• Valid ID (License for Passport/Drivers) 

• Last 2 slips of pay 

• The tax summary of last year 

• Last tax returns for two years 

• Declaration of savings 

• Statements of credit card


What will it cost?

Since we do not charge the licensee for our services, the financier pays us a commission.

The best home loan for your financial requirements can be found by our advisers, saving you time and money.


Get the checklist for pre-application

When applying for a home loan, please speak to your local BuildME online mortgage broker. They will be best able to advise you on any pre-application documentation you need to provide, depending on the lender you select.