We aided Kiwis in securing over $2 billion in home loans in recent years from our successful product and lender network.

A loan is a sizeable financial commitment or obligation. It is best to get this done right the first time.


A BuildME mortgage professional can help you find the best mortgage for your needs by comparing loan options. With over 100 BuildME advisors across New Zealand, all of whom have access to over 800 loan products, a BuildME specialist is available to assist you with rates and terms. That is why we say we are the best mortgage advisor.


Home Loan

Getting your home loan right the first time is a large and long-term financial commitment. You will need to choose based on the size of the loan you are looking to take out, the property you wish to purchase, and the deposit you are willing to pay.


First Home Buyers
To select the best home loan, you will need to investigate both the lending options and government benefits and entitlements available to you. Interest rates remain low, and property values continue to rise. First-time buyers are in the best position to purchase a home compared to previous years.


Many individuals are looking for refinance loans for renovations, consolidate debt or satisfy personal needs. If you’re thinking about refinancing, you need to consider the long term benefits before undertaking the work.


Investment Loans

There is a lot of information about investing, such as developing a personal plan that works for your individual needs and goals. The right investment loan allows homeowners to make property investments easier, so choose us, the best refinance home loan company. 


Self Employed

Many self-employed borrowers find it hard to meet the conditions of standard mortgage loans. Business cash-flows fluctuate more than other debt investments. Business owners who want to take out and maintain a loan do have competitive options.


Bridging Loan

A bridging loan ‘bridges the gap’ between a home loan and a home equity loan. Home loans are a great way to finance home purchases before selling your current home.


Land and Construction Loan

A land and construction loan allows for the credit of building the property and renovation of the property.


Personal Loans

You might want to go on vacation, purchase new furniture, and spend money on a course or medical expenses. A personal loan is an efficient way to procure needed funds. Learn more about the different types of personal loans.



We understand that insurance can be a hassle, and that’s why we’re happy to talk to you about the best possible ways to protect yourself from the risks that come with an insurance policy. We offer customers access to an extensive panel of insurance companies.


Commercial and Business Loans

Our relationship with various banks and lending specialists can assist with business finance for expansion, investment funding, leasing, financing, purchase, or refinancing commercial properties, retail shops, industrial land, factories, or offices.