Personal Loans

You may want to go on vacation, buy new furniture, pay for classes or medical expenses, or even plan a wedding.

A personal loan is an attractive way to get the additional money you need. Two types of personal loans are available – secure and unsecured. Ask our mortgage advisor.


The loans you secure generally have lower interest rates than the unsecured loans, but something like your home, car, or boat must be made for collateral. You can lose this collateral if you do not pay the loan, so make sure you know all of the conditions before choosing a secured loan. Unsecured loans are commonly known as ‘signature’ loans – the lender will only approve the funds with your signature but may end up paying higher benefits.


One of the critical questions you have to ask yourself before you take a personal loan is whether you are safe or not. Although you may get more money and a lower interest rate with a secured loan, you must consider a security asset risk. Our BuildME Mortgage Advisor will talk to you about the options and recommend competitive lending options based on your financial circumstances and needs.


It’s a good idea to discuss the options available to you with your mortgage advisor – there can be more than you think. Your mortgage consultant can help you:

  •  Find out how much it is possible to borrow
  • Understand your refunds