Managing and reducing your mortgage

"It's essential not to just set and forget" once you've secured a mortgage.

“It’s essential not to just set and forget” once you’ve secured a mortgage. To make sure it proceeds to work for you, you need to spend some time managing it.

Good mortgage management from our Best Mortgage Brokers can help you save your home loan time and money and prevent or manage mortgage stress when things don’t go as scheduled.

Our top strategies for arranging your mortgage and paying off your loan more quickly are here.

Pay off the home loan earlier.

It is easier than you think to pay out your home loan earlier than the standard loan term. You can use various methods that can help you save thousands of dollars and years from your home loan. Here are 17 great tips, including how to increase your repayments and make them more often, to pay off your loan faster.

Beating stress on mortgages

Mortgage stress, regardless of your property’s value, the size of your home loan, or your job, can affect borrowers from all parts of life. An unexpected life event is, more often than not, the real cause; unemployment, disease, injury, and breakdown of relationships are some of the most common causes of mortgage stress. That is why you would want to choose our online Mortgage Brokers. Here are some strategies to avoid mortgage stress and deal with it.

Variations of hardship and mortgage repayment holidays

You may face difficulty in variation with your lender if you are experiencing temporary difficulties meeting your mortgage repayments. Read more here about variations of hardship.

Consolidate indebtedness

Debt consolidation combines several loans, usually your home loan, into a single loan. It typically involves merging unsecured debts into your home loan, which is debt secured by your property, such as personal and car loans, credit card balances, and store card balances. Find out the pros and cons of consolidating debt.


In recent times, refinancing has become very popular because of the number of interest rate rises. If used in the right circumstances, refinancing can be very helpful in helping you save money. Still, it can be an expensive exercise, so you need to carefully do your sums before deciding whether the costs outweigh the benefits. Please find out more about your refinancing options and how much it is likely to cost when to refinance home loan is available to switch from one to another.