Loan Calculators

Looking for information about your loan repayments.

Looking for information about your loan repayments, borrowing power, and budgeting?

We offer a variety of useful financial calculators to help you manage your budget.

Develop a personal loan application.

As shown by the calculators, the results should be used as a guide. Results do not represent a commitment to proceed with a loan application. Various banks use different lending criteria. Our qualified BuildME mortgage advisor will provide you with a personalized lending assessment.

Lump-sum repayment

Summing up additional lump sum repayments can reduce the amount of interest you pay on your home loan over the course of the loan. Use this lump sum repayment calculator to determine your savings potential.

Compare the cost of two home loans.

This loan comparison calculator is designed to compare available home loans and determine which is the cheapest to repay.

Borrowing capacity

This calculator will provide a sense of security about purchasing your home. Try out the mortgage calculator and determine how much you can borrow based on your income and expenses.

Split home loan – fixed vs. variable

It is possible to minimize the effects of interest rate changes by mutually splitting your home mortgage rate. The split loan calculator will determine how much you will pay back and the amount of interest you will pay. That is why we are the best refinance home loan company.

Loan repayment

The mortgage calculator allows you to determine your monthly mortgage payments by selecting a monthly payment amount and repayment term. Review how your monthly cost of home loan repayments compares to different interest rates and terms.

Budget planner

Find out theoretically to save the most money from your current budget using the budget planner calculator.

Extra mortgage repayments

By making extra repayments, you can save thousands in monthly payments and take years off your loan. This mortgage calculator could be used to calculate how much money will be saved for various loan terms. That’s why choose us, BuildME – best online mortgage broker.

Mortgage deferment calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the real cost of a deferment (also known as a pause or holiday)