Investment Loans

There is a lot to know about investments, like choosing the best investment loan to meet your requirements and objectives.

There is a lot to know about investments, like choosing the best investment loan to meet your requirements and objectives. A right mortgage specialist can make the investment process much smoother.

Investment loans depend on what you seek and can either be very simple (as is the case with your standard home loan) or somewhat complicated that helps you use taxes, gear, and reimbursements effectively. You can also make use of loan features like redrawing, offsetting, and extra repayments to help you manage your investment loan.

Borrowers from investors are the most sought after customers by banks and lenders because of their equity position and history of borrowing. It is essential to use this position to secure the right loan for the most competitive offer for your financing needs.

The range of investment loans and loans that both new and experienced investors have available has become quite extraordinary, from simple home loans to problematic loans that allow you to manage taxes and reimbursements.

Which method of investment finance you choose depends on several factors, including whether you carry current personal debt in the form of owner-occupier mortgages, personal loans, and other debts. It is best to pay personal debt first and minimize the investment debt during this period as much as possible.

Get the investment finance package tailored to your situation.

Talk to our experienced BuildME Home Loan Brokers for an investment finance package tailored to your investment position and strategy. Always seek your accountant’s advice on investment and tax rules in your particular situation before deciding on investment methods.

Residential property investment loans

Investors’ options for borrowing now resemble owner-occupier purchase loans. They include both variable and fixed-rate home loans, with the option of making reimbursements of principal and interest and interest.

The credit line and the opportunity to make interest-only reimbursements constitute two options that may particularly appeal to property investors.

Creating wealth through property

Property is an great way to create wealth when used as a long-term investment strategy. Historically, house prices provide investors with steady returns as capital growth rises with higher property prices. With a range of investment loans available, intelligent property investment is an ideal vehicle for creating wealth.

Golden rules of property investment

Leasing returns are not the only way to maximize property investment. There are some golden rules to get the most out of your investment on the borrowing side.

Six steps to buying an investment property

Purchasing an investment property can be an excellent way to create wealth and will help you save thousands, like any investment that researches before you dive into it. Read these six steps to decide what you need to know to buy your investment property confidently.

Investing in property FAQs

Intelligent property investment may offer steady income and capital growth potential. Investment in real estate is traditionally seen as an excellent long-term investment strategy. To maximize your opportunity, read these frequently asked questions about real estate investment.

Tax and negative gearing

You can make money in the real estate investment world either by appreciating capital or generating good income. Three main things need to be considered regarding property investment and tax: tax deductions, tax on capital gains, and negative gear.

Investment property management

You have two choices when you buy your investment property: you can look after it yourself, or you can find a property insurance company for yourselves. But how are you going to decide?

Margin loans

Margin loans are specifically designed to finance investments in eligible and managed shares.