Home Loan

Get home loan easily with us.

Your home credit is a large and often long-term financial commitment, so it makes sense for the first time to get it right.

What is appropriate for you depends on several factors, including the loan’s size, the property you want to purchase, the deposit you have, and your lifestyle.

Your mortgage advisor to the BuildME can help you compare rates, charges, and charges to secure your right home loan

Home loans comparison

With thousands of home loan products with various features available for home buyers, finding the right home loan is challenging. A BuildME’s mortgage adviser helps you gain an accurate understanding of the types of loans available, the process of home loans, and what banks need to approve your loan request.

10 very easy steps to applying for a home loan

The application process for home loans can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow our 10 easy steps to apply for home loans successfully.

Conditional approval

Once you start thinking about buying a property, which is also known as pre-approval, it is certainly worth considering how many you intend to borrow.

Home loan features

The interest rate is not the only consideration when choosing a home loan. Other features of your loan, such as redrawing facilities, additional repayments, and paid vacations, can also be important.

Home loan fees and charges

Home loan charges and charges may differ significantly from lender to lender, and we have listed a few charges and charges you will need to consider to help you assess your budget.

17 very handy tips for paying off your mortgage quickly

17 handy tips to pay off your mortgage more quickly to make your home even more enjoyable.

Home loan savings

Depending on your home loan needs, you can substantially save your home loan rate by choosing a more intelligent house loan.

Line of credit

A credit line is a revolving credit feature known as an equity credit that enables you to access stocks on your property for additional wealth by investing, completing capital improvement, or freeing up cash for other purposes.

Non-conforming home loans

Non-complying home loans can ensure home finance for anyone who does not comply with mainstream lenders' credit criteria.