Help & Information

When buying a new property, moving homes, investing, or getting smarter with your loan finances, everything you need to know.

Credit profile

For any individual who has been credit-active over the past seven years, a credit file is kept. Each time you ask for new credit, your credit file gets updated. This credit history affects whether a credit provider will approve your loan.

Fixed-rate and variable rate home loans

Interest rates, depending on the economy at the time, can change regularly or stay steady. Over the life of your home loan, choosing a fixed or variable interest rate home loan can help you reduce interest charges.

 Managing mortgage stress

Regardless of where you exist or how much your property is worth, Mortgage stress can affect anyone. Although interest rates play a role in generating mortgage stress, an unexpected life event is more often than not the real cause; unemployment, illness, injury, and breakdown of relationships are some of the most common causes of mortgage stress.

Using the mortgage adviser

Note few common questions about the meeting with a mortgage advisor from existing BuildME customers.

Moving costs

Here are some of the standard charges associated with moving back home to help you budget for your big move.

 Managing and reducing your mortgage

“It’s essential not to just set and forget” once you’ve secured a mortgage. To be sure it continues to work for you, you need to spend some time managing it.

Finding the right property

To secure the right home loan, finding the right property is crucial. When choosing your home and determining how much you can borrow, you need to consider many details. That’s why you should choose us, the best home loan brokers.

Buying property with family and friends

It’s becoming increasingly common to buy a property with family or friends. This type of property investment is usually completed as a standard purchase by tenants, allowing two or more individuals, either in equal or unequal shares, to own an interest in a property.

Mortgage repayment hardship variation

You may be eligible for a hardship change from your lender if you are experiencing temporary difficulties meeting your mortgage repayments. Job loss, injury, and illness are some common reasons behind short-term mortgage repayment issues.

Borrowing capacity

Before you begin your property search, your borrowing capacity is something you need to know, as it shows you how much more you can spend on your new home. It is where BuildME, the best refinance loan Company, comes in.