Fixed-rate and variable rate home loans

Interest rates, depending on the economy at the time, can change regularly or stay steady.

Interest rates, depending on the economy at the time, can change regularly or stay steady. Over the life of your home loan, choosing a fixed or variable interest rate home loan can help you reduce interest charges.

Suppose you are satisfied with your home loan’s fixed interest rate, the variable interest rate of your home loan, or a combination of both. In that case, it is useful to check from time to time. Choose us because we are favored to refinance home loans.

To help your decision, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • In the short or long term, what do I want/need from my home loan?
  • What is the difference between rates for fixed home loans and rates for variable home loans?
  • Which home loan/s will suit my situation in today’s market?
  • How versatile are various fixed and variable loans?
  • What interest rates are available from a broad range of lenders?
  • What are the costs for various home loans at fixed rates and variable rates? Over a certain period, how do they compare?
  • Are there special offers on the market for home loans?

Home loans with variable interest rates

With the additional benefit of extra features that save you money, variable home loan rates give you flexibility. The variable interest rates of home loans are affected by economic conditions, so you can expect your home loan repayments to increase and decrease throughout your loan. This is where BuildME – the best bad credit Mortgage Broker comes in.

Home loans with fixed interest rates

For a pre-determined period, fixed home loan rates provide you with the assurance of a set home loan repayment amount. Based on your financial circumstances and your personal preferences, our expert mortgage adviser will help you determine the fixed term’s length on your home loan.

When should I fix variable versus variable?

Many consumers are unaware that variable rates move differently from fixed rates. They have missed the best chance to secure a fixed home loan rate by the time variable rates have bottomed.

Loans split

With the flexibility of the variable rate home loan in one home loan, combination or split home loans provide you with the interest rate security of a fixed rate home loan, allowing you to save money over your loan term.