Mortgage consultants with a passion for finance and outstanding service.

The BuildME – the Best Mortgage Brokers Auckland welcomes interested mortgage consultants with a passion for finance and outstanding service.

  With outstanding management support, we offer a flexible environment. In addition to a real interest in understanding and participating in our broader business, we encourage personal and professional development.

Our growth is primarily attributed to our current consulting force’s drive and ambition, a team of committed individuals to grow the business. We offer varying training and mentoring levels to broaden your required skill set, whether you are a sole trader or a consultant looking to grow a team of loan writers.

We believe that both experienced and fresher mortgage advisors are valuable assets at BuildME. As such, we provide our mortgage advisors with the induction, training, and support they need, regardless of where they are in their careers.

BuildME works with you in partnership to ensure that your company is established and recognized as a leading mortgage broking business.

Starting a new career as a mortgage consultant

For those looking to begin a new career as a mortgage adviser, BuildME runs a dedicated training program. With the correct training and support, a career in mortgage broking is both attainable and rewarding.

Some of the most experienced and best mortgage brokers in the industry are presenting our free webinars on career development in this industry, and it covers:

  • The essential abilities and qualifications are needed. 
  • What looks like a day in the life of a mortgage consultant. 
  • Opportunities for careers and self-employment. 
  • How to commission frameworks to operate. 
  • Costs for business establishments.

Supporting advisers

A significant component of any home loan brand is access to a good mortgage aggregator. The BuildME is one of the largest retail mortgage aggregators worldwide. BuildME advisers have access to a range of aggregator-supported tools and systems designed to help you build your business as part of this mortgage aggregator, including:

  • High-profile, unique consumer brand supported by TV, radio, web, press & PR 
  • Full range of financing solutions and income streams 
  • Mortgages, commercial loans, loans from small to medium enterprises, car loans, personal loans, life insurance, cover for mortgage protection, and insurance for house & content
  • A wide range of residential and business lenders, including access to wholesale funds 
  • An integrated, efficient, intuitive website technology database for advisors from which you can manage your company realistically.
  • Product training for lenders 
  • Leading industry technology with online processing of applications
  • Training in company management, sales, individual skills, and industry compliance (including Certificate IV) 
  • Support from the most respected BDE’s in the sector 
  • Extensive advertising support that supports the consultant and the brand, including local area marketing support 
  • Fully-supported contact and referral program for clients at no cost 
  • Comprehensive site intranet consultant 
  • Individually hosted home page of adviser. 
  • Assistance with the construction of a business/marketing plan