Unitary Plan

Unitary Plan has focused on how neighborhoods are zoned. Under the unitary plan, zones manage how different areas are used, developed or protected.

Each zone specify:

  • what you can build
  • how high you’re allowed to build
  • how you can use the land
  • what sort of activities you can use buildings or land for (housing, business, offices, light or heavy industrial, etc).

There are different types of zone i.e. single house zone, mixed housing suburban zone, mixed housing urban zone, Terrace Housing and Apartment Building Zone, The zone is mostly located around metropolitan, town and local centres and the public transport network to support the highest levels of intensification.

Construction Loans

Building your dream home from scratch could be a very challenging and indeed rewarding as well at the end. At Build Me, you will get the guidance from our expert local mortgage broker to all what you need to start the mortgage application process and we would help till you finish your dream project. Also note that all lenders have different criteria’s to be met for land and construction loans. A few things that you should keep in mind when looking to start the process.

  • Boundaries, zonings access
  • Planned use of land
  • Land loan options



If you are planning a renovation and been let down by your existing service provider i.e. bank or lender. In some cases, other lenders could still be able to help as every lender has different lending criteria. At BuildME we deal with range of different lenders including some secondary lenders and 2nd tier lenders as well. Give us a call now to make a time to come and see one of our local mortgage broker.


Extensions are very good way to improve the property value in this current market. However, the cost involved in the extending your current development could be higher than what your can bank can offer as a top up on your existing mortgage. If you’ve been declined by your bank then give us a call to discuss. We might be able to find a suitable lender who could refinance the whole amount including cost of extension.


Refinance Mortgage has become as necessary as the other needs of home owners are. In this dynamic housing market where rates and lending criteria are changing very frequently. Weather you are looking for a better rate, longer term, more funds or simply better customer services then refinance is the best options for you. We have range of major and secondary lenders available so we can help you to achieve your financial goal.