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Why should you use a BuildME mortgage adviser?

We get tough loans approved

Our expertise is in helping customers who have unusual circumstances, even those that have been knocked back by a bank in the past. Where other brokers have failed, we regularly get an approval from a reputable lender.

Get the right home loan for your needs

We take a holistic approach when assessing your financial situation and long-term goals to ensure that you get a home loan that’s right for you.

Get incredible interest rates

Because of the relationships we have with our panel of lenders, we’re able to negotiate a sharp interest rate based on the strength of your application.

Fast approval, easy process

We can help you navigate the often complex pre-approval and application process, helping you to achieve your dream of owning a home much easier and in much less time.

Our customers love us

We have hundreds of love letters and positive customer reviews on our website, Facebook , Google and Product Review.

Access to more lenders

We deal with the major banks as well as a number of building societies, credit unions and specialized lenders that offer discounted rates and have flexible credit policies that other brokers have never heard of.

Newzealand-wide services

We can help you qualify for a home loan to buy property anywhere in Newzealand.

We act in your best interests

You can rest easy knowing that we are legally required to act in your best interests under Best Interests Duty; whereas a lender has no legal obligation to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that every new person has:

1. Do I qualify for Home Loan?

To qualify for home loan, there are some preliminary requirements set by the lenders. Some of them are serviceability, income, employment, Amount of deposit, character requirements and many more. Each lender has different lending criteria which they consider deciding on each individual applicant. So, to find out if you qualify for a home loan, give us call to discuss your situation and make an appointment to see one of our expert advisers to take advantage of our Free No obligation advise.

2. How Much can I borrow?

This is questions from every person who wants to buy a property. To know about how much can you borrow normally full financial assessment is required. Which can be easily done by making a time to see one our expert mortgage adviser. A thumb rule to know how much you can borrow is, one could borrow 4.5 times of your annual income. For example, if an applicant’s household annual income $200,000, then they could borrow unto $90000 (4.5 x 200,000), this is just an indication, loan amount is dependent on a lot of other things like, liabilities, expenses, affordability, serviceability etc.

3. How much deposit do I need?

Deposit for first home buyers can normally start from 10% but an ideal applicant for major lenders is 20% which does not get charged any fee for low equity margin. For investment property one would need deposit 30% and upwards of property value.

4. When should I consider refinancing mortgage?

Some reasons why people look to refinance is: Fixed term, Better rate, longer term, lower repayment, better loan product, better What overall services and few more if you are looking to achieve any of these goals than you could consider refinance.


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